Landau top

Vinyl Tops - Landau and Full

Vinyl tops were popular from the 1960s through the 1980s. "Landau" style tops cover the rear half of a car roof. Full tops cover the entire roof and "A" pillars. These tops were made with and without foam padding. Except for limousines, cars with vinyl and landau tops are no longer in production. However, millions of cars with these tops remain on the road.

As your vinyl top ages, it fades and becomes brittle. Eventually the sun burns it out and it breaks and peels. Water creeps in under the top and begins to rust out the roof. If you don't take action your roof can be damaged beyond repair.

Vinyl tops can only rarely be repaired. Once they've deteriorated they usually need to be replaced. The basic process is straightforward. First, the chrome moldings are removed from the car. Then the old material is removed and the top scraped down to bare metal. If rust is present it can be repaired next. Once rust is repaired new material is installed on the roof and the moldings are reinstalled. Be aware that many times other components such as headliners and glass windows need to be removed and reinstalled as part of the process.

Premier has expertise and wide experience with all types of vinyl tops. If you have a car with a deteriorated vinyl top come to see us so we can give you an estimate to replace it.

For information on the proper products to use on your vinyl top see the Vinyl and Plastic care section of our Convertible Top and Interior Care Guide.