Broken convertible top

Convertible Top Repair

The lives of car convertible tops can be extended if top installation is done properly, wear spots are caught and fixed early, and if periodic maintenance is performed. At Premier, we'll be glad to inspect your top to determine its condition, look for wear spots and check installation. Our experience is that many convertible tops do not need replacement. Often a convertible top repair will add many more years of life to your top. However, if you are interested in a new top, see the Replacement of Convertible Tops section of our website.

There are many convertible top repair scenarios. Some common ones include:

  • We repair convertible top problems such as wear spots, small cuts and fraying areas. Often an economical small repair or adjustment can delay the need for a complete convertible top replacement. We have often repaired Mustang and VW convertible tops in this way.
  • We perform periodic maintenance on top systems by replacing items that wear out. Stay pads, designed to protect the top from the frame, are a good example. Another is the tension-strap system on 1987-2000 BMW 3-series convertible tops. We also repair or replace convertible top frame components that fail. For example, if your top is not working it may need a new motor. For more detail on this subject see our Convertible Top Frame, Motor, and Mechanism Repair and Replacement page.
  • Many tops are two-piece tops. If one part is damaged, many times only that part of the convertible top will need repair or replacement. For example, if only the window or window curtain is damaged, then a convertible window replacement can head off the need to replace the convertible top. For more discussion, see sections on Convertible Plastic Window Repair and Replacement and Convertible Glass Window Repair and Replacement.
  • Does your convertible top have the "bubble" look as you drive down the road? This is caused by loose listings that no longer attach the top to the frame. Repair or replacement of these listings will solve your problem.
  • Thieves and vandals slash tops. If you can't afford to replace it, we may be able to repair your convertible top by patching it. Once slashed, there is no way to make a slash disappear or make the patch invisible. When making a patch repair our goal is to make your convertible top weatherproof again and then to minimize the look of the patch. There is no such thing as a convertible top repair kit to patch tops - each patch is a fully custom repair.
  • Sun damage burns out the stitching used in tops. Mustang, Sebring and Saab convertible tops seem prone to this problem. Stitching is used to hold side cables, listings and bindings in place. If the rest of the top is in good shape we may be able to replace the stitching, thus saving the top.
  • Convertible top headliners have their own problems. Headliners often come loose from attachment points or sag around rear windows. Convertible Audi, BMW and Mercedes tops use a string system to allow headliner movement. This system sometimes goes awry and makes the top appear broken. The repair for these problems is sometimes as simple as replacing a string.

If you are interested in a convertible top repair, please visit us in Santa Clara. We would be glad to inspect your top and discuss your options with you. Estimates are always free and you can visit us at your convenience - no appointment is necessary.

Premier serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area from our location in the South Bay. We would be pleased to serve you whether you live in San Francisco or Santa Cruz, or someplace closer like San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Campbell, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Altos, Milpitas or Fremont.

If you think you convertible top may be beyond repair, visit our Replacement of Convertible Tops page where we discuss new convertible top installation.

Useful information on convertible top care can be found in the Convertible Top Care section of our Convertible Top and Interior Care Guide.